Cast & Crew

Are you a talented actor or actress? Do you have the experience and the skills to work behind the camera? Do you like to give a video that special look by delivering a smooth edit?

At Lowlander, we like to have a pool of freelancers on our books, so that for every new project we have the right people to work with.

We are looking for:
  • Actors and Actresses
  • DOPs / Camera Operators
  • Gaffers
  • Camera Assistants/Grips
  • Sound Recordists/Engineers/Designers
  • Editors/Colorists
  • Visual Effects Artists
  • Music Composers
  • Hair and Makeup Artists
  • Designers
  • and more...

Interested? By filling out our registration form you will be automatically entered into our database. For every new project we will go through our database to select the right people for the right job. So even if you're not that experienced yet, or if you are quite on the contrary already a real professional, we will have some work for you coming up soon! If we think that you are the right person for the job we will ask you to come to an interview to get to know you better and eventually hire you for the job. Interested? Then click the link below to fill out the registration form!

Apply here

Rent filming equipment


Better shots with better equipment

In need of a camera or lense? Want to light your project professionally with litepanels or kinoflos? Intend to give your scene some more meaning by making a dolly or crane shot? No problem! Make your reservation for top-notch filming equipment now!