We have a couple of new items available for rent. Kupo C-stands (20"/30"/40"), Kupo Baby Kit Stand and Mini Kit Stand, Manfrotto Sand Bags (6Kg/12Kg), a dry-erase Clapboard, Felloni Led Panel (5600K), Matthews Diffusion Frames (122x122cm) and the Chimera Panel Frame (122x122cm)

We have a couple of new items available for rent. First off are the Kupo C-Stands in 3 different sizes. The 20", 30" and 40". They all come with sliding legs. Also from Kupo we now carry their Baby Stands aswell as their Mini Stands. From Manfrotto we got two different Kinds of sand bags, 6kg and 12kg. From Tecpro we got their Felloni 5600K Flood version Led Panel available. From Chimera we now carry their super-handy Panel Frames. And last but not least we now have Matthews Diffusion Frames (122x122cm) with a broad selection of Diffusions from Lee Filters to choose from.

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In need of a camera or lense? Want to light your project professionally with litepanels or kinoflos? Intend to give your scene some more meaning by making a dolly or crane shot? No problem! Make your reservation for top-notch filming equipment now!