SOOM TriSpread: The SOOM TriSpread operates as a mini-spreader to stabilize the tripod.

With just a few simple moves, you can also transform it into the perfect baby-tripod.

SOOM Tripod: The SOOM System's centerpiece is the SOOM TriPod. With its 75 mm / 3" head fixture and maximum height of 142 cm / 55.9", your camera will always stand secure.

SOOM Tube: The SOOM Tube can stand alone as a Monopod. With a maximum height of 157 cm / 61.8", you can keep a good watch over things – even in tight spaces.

SOOM XL System: The TriPod and TriSpread combine to fix the SOOM Tube in place. The result: the SOOM XL System with a maximum height of 250 cm / 98.4" that lets you keep everything in view.

Cine DSLR Fluid Head: The Sachtler Cine DSLR Fluid Head is for use with single-lens reflex cameras with HD video function. You can use the fluid head for payloads from 2 - 11 lb (1 - 5 kg). Professional performance is provided via a 10-step counterbalance and 3 vertical and horizontal grades of drag (+0). You can attach the camera to the Cine DSLR Fluid Head via the special DSLR camera plate that incorporates an anti-twist retainer for HD DSLR cameras

A 75mm bowl with an integrated flat base fitting allows you to attach the fluid head to a tripod or pedestal. Balance and leveling is provided via a self-illuminating touch bubble. Movement of the fluid head and cameras is facilitated via a DV 75-type pan bar. The Cine DSLR Fluid Head weighs 4.4 lb (2 kg), and offers a tilt range of -75 - 90°.


1 day: €20 5 days: €80
2 days: €38 6 days: €90
3 days: €54 7 days: €98
4 days: €68 each extra day: + €10

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Specifications for SOOM Tripod System:

  • Label: Sachtler
  • Load Capacity: 9kg
  • Maximum Height: 241cm
  • Minimum Height: 37cm
  • Head Attachment Fitting: 75mm Bowl

Specifications for Cine DSLR Head:

  • Label: Sachtler
  • Load Capacity: 0.5 - 5kg
  • Bowl Diameter/Thread: 75 mm bowl


  • Wheeled Tripod Case


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