Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly: The Philip Bloom Signature Series Pocket DollyTM is a hybrid slider that combines the lightweight portable rail & carriage system of our standard Pocket DollyTM with the adjustable arc diameter handle and drag control of our CineSliderTM. Features include drag control and locking, handle with adjustable arc diameter for ultimate movement control, smooth rolling precision stainless steel ball bearing wheels, and multple mounting options.

Manfrotto 701HDV Pro Fluid Mini Head: Developed specifically to support the latest prosumer and professional light, compact HD camcorders, the 701HDV offers an updated design, which has been created for improved ergonomics with locks and knobs that allow for a more solid grip and better control, a better fluidity thanks to improved internal fluid cartridges, a double pan-bar rosette and a bigger sliding plate to optimize the position of the camera considering its centre of gravity.


1 day: €20 5 days: €80
2 days: €38 6 days: €90
3 days: €54 7 days: €98
4 days: €68 each extra day: + €10

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Specifications Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly:

  • Label: Kessler
  • Length: 105.4cm
  • Load Capacity: 6.8kg

Specifications Manfrotto 701HDV Pro Fluid Mini Head

  • Label: Manfrotto
  • Load Capacity 4kg


  • Outrigger Feet with Bag
  • Flat Mount Adapter
  • Custom Padded Soft Case
  • Quick Release Plate



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