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Zacuto Marauder


The Marauder is the first of its kind, a foldable DSLR run'n'gun rig. It's small enough to fit in your back pocket but when unfolded, it's an extremely stable DSLR camera support.

The Marauder is similar to one of Zacuto's most popular DSLR kits, the Striker. But, as opposed to the Striker (which is composed of multiple parts and rods that are highly adjustable and can be reconfigured in an infinite amount of positions) the Marauder unfolds instantly to fit you and is ready to shoot in seconds. It folds up just as fast and can then fit into any carry on, backpack, purse, camera bag or cargo pants pocket. The Marauder includes both a gunstock and an adjustable handgrip to create a small stable framework.

The Marauder includes the Gorilla Plate V2 as the platform for your camera. You can attach your Zacuto Z-Finder Mounting Frame to this Gorilla Plate V2. Attach your camera to the plate with the single ¼ 20 screw and quick release on and off the Marauder with the red quick release ratcheting lever. The Gorilla Plate can be attached at two different points. Keep the Marauder in a vertical position for use with a Zacuto Z-Finder. This will give you the correct distance from your eye to the Z-Finder eyecup. Extend the Marauder via the red push lever to place the camera further away for use without a Z-Finder. This gives you a bit more distance to focus on the camera LCD.

The handgrip can be adjusted into five different positions for individual comfort and is locked with the release of the red lever. The grip itself also articulates and locks with red locking lever. Built into the Marauder is a gunstock with a comfy rubber pad. Adjust the angle and/or position of the gunstock with the two Allen screws to conform to your body size and shape.

The Marauder folds up by first quick releasing your camera off the rig. Then push the red push lever to snap the camera support arm down. Push down on the silver circular cap to flip the gunstock away and depress the paddle lever to tuck the handle in place next to the gunstock. Reverse to quickly get the Marauder ready to shoot!


1d: €17 2d: €67
3d: €31 4d: €76
5d: €45 6d: €85
7d: €56 each extra day: + €10

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Zacuto Scorpion Rig


The Scorpion rig is the ultimate solution to DSLR shoulder mounted shooting with an EVF. At the center of the Scorpion is the highly adjustable DSLR Baseplate, which allows you to mount any DSLR to the rig and mount your rig onto a tripod. The baseplate attaches to your tripod using the standard tripod plate screws; (2) 1/4" 20 and (1) 3/8" 16. You can also easily quick release your camera from the rig by turning the red knob on the side of the baseplate and pulling up on your camera. This unique feature allows you to quickly switch between using the camera on its own or as part of your rig.


1d: €25 2d: €48
3d: €69 4d: €88
5d: €105 6d: €120
7d: €133 each extra day: + €15

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Zacuto Striker Rig


The Striker is light and easy to handle. It has three points of contact by having one hand on the handgrip, the gunstock in your chest and your focusing hand on the lens.

The Zacuto Gorilla plate attaches to the bottom of your camera using the standard tripod screw hole. The Gorilla plate has a 15mm hole in the bottom which allows you to attach the main rod for the Striker rig. The rig can be freed from the Gorilla plate by flipping the red lever. A tripod plate can be installed on the Gorilla plate for quickly moving from handheld to tripod.

The Striker kit can not accommodate a follow focus or matte box as it does not have a baseplate.


1d: €15 2d: €28
3d: €41 4d: €52
5d: €63 6d: €72
7d: €81 each extra day: + €12

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Zacuto Z-Focus + ZipGears


Zacuto's Z-Focus is an extremely accurate follow focus that allows the operator or assistant to pull focus. The mechanism utilizes a set of gears that connect to and spin the focus ring or Zacuto Zip Gear on the camera lens. The white disk allows the focus puller or operator to create distance marks for repeatable focus pulls.


1d: €18 2d: €34
3d: €48 4d: €60
5d: €70 6d: €79
7d: €86 each extra day: + €10

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Zacuto Cold Shoe Top Handle


Zacuto's Cold Shoe Handle is the perfect way to add a top handle to your run and gun DSLR kit or your DSLR camera. The handle is ideal for low-mode shooting and easy transport of your camera. It secures to the camera's hot shoe with a cold shoe mount. The Cold Shoe Handle mounts to the hot shoe based via Zacuto's quick release Z-Rail system, allowing you to leave the base on the camera and remove the handle with the flip of a lever. The handle can be slid left or right on the Z-Rail to balance the camera's center of gravity.


1d: €5 5d: €19
2d: €9 6d: €21
3d: €13 7d: €23
4d: €16 each extra day: + €3

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